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“Welcome to Wonderland Counselling. I'm Karen and I'm a qualified psychotherapist offering weekly counselling sessions to clients.
Counselling is a life changing process. Whether you want to overcome past trauma, address current patterns of behaviour or simply try and make the most of your life, I can help you put together the jigsaw pieces of yourself and optimise your happiness.”

Karen Jeffery

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What actually happens..?

Having therapy is like opening the Book of Yourself and then reading between the lines. I can help you wonder about why you behave in particular ways and make connections to previous events and experiences. That's part of the process, those 'a-ha!' moments that help you understand yourself in a different and deeper way. We will look at your place in your family, who the key players are in your life and the strategies you have developed to keep yourself feeling OK. Together, we will peer inside to figure out which behaviours are helpful and which have outlived their usefulness and put you on a happier and more fulfilling life path.

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The counselling world of wonder


I work with individual clients to address a whole range of issues from low self esteem and unhappiness, to self harm, depression and anxiety. My clients range in age from 15 to 85 and I provide weekly 50-minute sessions (on the same day and at the same time each week). There is no minimum number of sessions and you decide when you want to end the counselling process. 
It is much more than 'a chat'. Counselling involves thinking in a  different way and this gives you a superpower which stays with you for the rest of your life: the ability to think ABOUT your feelings and emotions rather than being swamped by them. Sessions are £50 each with no minimum number of sessions.
Are you ready to make a change?

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I see a small number of couples for weekly sessions - and you don't have to be at breaking point to seek help. Maybe you are becoming irritated with each other, maybe the spark has gone out, maybe you just want a bit more from your life together? Or maybe you're ready to strangle each other!
Whatever the issue, counselling can help you to understand each other in a new and deeper way. Making connections to your individual pasts and patterns of behaviour can be illuminating and can revolutionise your partnership and relight the fire of love and shared goals. I will help you to unpick what works and what doesn't and mend any historic hurts. Sessions are £65 each with no minimum number of sessions.
Perhaps it's time to reconnect?

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What My Clients Are Saying

"Karen’s warm energy made me feel calm and willing to share. I really was so unaware of the incredible journey I was going to embark on with her. I really did learn to understand who I was, where all my habits and traits had come from and also dealt with unknown traumas. If you’re considering Karen as your therapist, stop considering because this will not be a choice you regret. She really changed my life and allowed me to become my truest self."

T, London

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4 The Square, Hockliffe

07865 050470

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